Twenty Eighteen

Happy MLK Day everyone!

We are already halfway through the first month of the new year. Can you believe it? Pretty soon Valentine’s Day will be here which is one of my favorite holidays!

2018 goals

This year, so far, I’ve set a goal of losing weight, starting up my natural body care line, and incorporating more planned family time.

I always seem to struggle with the losing weight part. Mainly because I tend to get so unmotivated and then randomly motivated at the weirdest times. Have you ever been laying in bed at night and then BOOM, instant motivation, only to wake up the next morning and put off all those goals and dreams another week? Yes, that’s me on a weekly basis.

The same goes for the natural body care line I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’ve done my research and know all the tools and products I need to make it happen but I just haven’t moved forward with it. This year I’m hoping to go ahead and leave more time to get it at least started. That way maybe the process won’t seem so long and I’ll have an idea of if it’s truly something I want to do.

And finally, I am making more of an effort to have more “planned” family time. Don’t get it confused, I spend time with my family but most of the time it’s sporadic and mostly during the common holidays. (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving) For example, today I took my son to see “Coco” at the movies for the first time. (He’s four years old) I was pretty apprehensive in the leading months because he gets extremely distracted. I didn’t know if it would be an experience wasted or not. But I want to start planning similar dates like that with my son. At least once a month now that I know he can handle it. “Coco” was a very good movie by the way! It definitely gives you that “Family is everything” vibe.

Your 2018 Goals?

For those of you who have set goals for yourself in the year 2018, how is it coming along? What kinds of resolutions do you have?


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