Sip & Shop at Target

For all you Target lovers out there, you may be living the dream pretty soon. Wouldn’t you just love to relax and sip on a nice mosccato while you shop? Well, pretty soon you will be able to according to the mass retailer.

The first store to get this experience will be a new Chicago store that is opening in October. Target has already applied for two different liqour licenses, confirmed by a spokesman, and plans to serve tapas-style dishes and wine. One is to sell alcohol in the store and the other is to serve it.

You will be free to walk around the store freely and sip on your drink. No restrictions! Say what?!? No approvals has been given yet but hopefully we will get to enjoy this “sip & shop” experience. I’m really looking forward to it!!



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  1. This is like a dream come true! Two of my favorite things merging. Quite honestly this is a great idea, most of us already spend way too much time in target, imagine how long we’ll stay once this happens!

  2. How interesting! I didn’t know that stores could even allow this, given the appropriate license. It makes sense in areas like NYC where less people are driving to and from the store, but I can’t see it happening across the country.

  3. I don’t drink, but it sure seems like EVERYWHERE there will be these kinds of little stores. It’s becoming more European over here! Have you seem AMC?!

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