Stress No More.

We all stress, some more than others. Stress can lead to depression, heart disease, weight loss or gain, sleep problems, or even death. When I stress, I tend to binge eat and lay in bed all day. My face starts breaking out and I just don’t feel like doing anything at all. Stressing isn’t healthy for our bodies so we must find healthier ways to cope with stress and minimize its harmful effects. Here are a few “de-stress” tips for you to try out :

Exercise: This really improves your mood. Find something you love whether it’s yoga, jogging, or just going to the gym will do the trick.

Quiet Time: This is much needed. You can get your thoughts together, pray, have mediation, all in pure silence.

Laugh: Have you ever heard the saying “Laughter is the best medicine?” Well, it really is! You can watch a funny movie, read a comic, or even call up one of your most hilarious friends.

Call your buddy: It’s always good to have a friend that you can talk to. It doesn’t have to necessarily be about what you are stressing about, but call someone you know can cheer you up and has your best interest at heart.

Scream: Just because that’s what you want to do anyway right? Just put a pillow over your face and do it. I said pillow because you don’t want your neighbors to think you are getting murdered. lol.

Eat: Certain foods can help you reduce stress levels. Bananas, carrots, nuts, milk, tea, and pretzels are a few examples.

Find a hobby: Pursue your passion and do what you love doing. Some examples are scrapbooking, dancing, knitting, reading, cooking, etc.

Cry: Crying is very cleansing and it promotes relaxation. Believe me, you feel so much better afterwards, so go ahead and let the tears flow.

Get a Massage: Who doesn’t love a good massage? You need to release that muscular tension. Getting a massage from your partner or even going to a massage parlor will surely do the trick. Make sure to use essential oils!

Sleep: Being exhausted makes it difficult to deal with stress. Find a way to set the mood by stretching or listening to calming music to help you fall asleep.

Sex: No explanation needed.

Most of all remind yourself that most things aren’t that important as you think they are. If it does not stress you in a year, don’t let it stress you now. Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are. 😉


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Pinch Me!

Everyone loves FREE samples right? Well there’s this new site called PINCH ME who will send out samples to you every TUESDAY. All you have to do is sign up, answer a series of questions about your household and shopping habits in your Member Profile. By doing this it helps them learn what you like and offer samples just for you. Next, pick samples you are eager to try. Pinch Me will ship your box full of samples directly to you for free. That’s easy right?!? Lastly, once you’ve had a chance to try your samples, complete a short feedback survey to tell them what you think of the samples and Pinch me will let the brands know your thoughts.

Now there are some other things that you need to know; samples aren’t released exactly every Tuesday (I don’t know why), but just be sure to check the website weekly because there is a ticker at the top of the page that displays when the next set of samples will be released. Next, samples are usually always released at 12 o’clock noon. Samples will run out quickly! You will most like see “Out Of Stock” on some of the samples if you aren’t on time, so make sure you are aware of the time or even set an alarm so you don’t miss out on great samples. The box takes about 2-4 weeks to ship so if they don’t come right away don’t worry.

Just so you can get an idea, here are some of the brands Pinch Me has previously sent out and a few pics of samples I have received myself:

  • Olay body wash
  • Summer’s Eve
  • ACT mouthwash
  • Lysol clickgel
  • Goldbond healing lotion
  • Kraft parmesan grated cheese
  • Gevalia iced coffee
  • ZZZquil sleep aid
  • Nivea in shower body lotion
  • Allegra allergy pill
  • SInful Colors nail polish
  • Shea Moisture shea butter soap

Oh yeah, they also send a few coupons along with the samples for all you couponers out there or people who like to save a few dollars!

So, as you can see Pinch Me sends out a little bit of everything from food to beauty products. If you want to sign up for Pinch Me you can do so by visiting their website or you can follow them on Instagram @pinchme where they give you the chance to win some awesome prizes.

Happy sampling!


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A little story about my diary…

Welcome to my Little Pink Diary! Over the past few years I have come across some pretty exciting hacks, money-savers, and tips that I wondered if everyone knew about. And then I thought to my self… of course not, because there are new tips and tricks coming about everyday! Many of these life-saving hacks are spread out all over the interent and so I wanted to compile my favorites all into one, which is how Little Pink Diary came about. In my posts to come you will find things like beauty tips, learn how to make yummy recipes, great sales/deals, how to’s, diy’s, giveaways, reviews on makeup, food, and much more. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter (links on right side of page and bottom of page). Also, be sure to check the site daily for the latest and greatest. I hope you enjoy! Xoxo.

little pink diary



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