Healthy Hair Tips

Maintaining our natural hair is a hard and lengthy task at times, especially for us naturals. Some products work for our hair and some does not but these tips will help any hair type become more healthy. For this post, I have composed a few tips and steps to make your hair routine a little easier and your hair more manageable.

Before L.O.C. Method

-Every 1-2 days you need to moisturize and seal to maintain hydration and softness. Natural hair needs moisture! Without it, our hair is dry, fragile, and subject to breakage. Using the L.O.C method is definitely a life-saver. If you are unfamiliar, the L.O.C method stands for Liquid, Oil, and Cream. Choose a leave-in that has the first ingredient listed as water. Next, choose and oil that will penetrate the hair and seal in the moisture for your leave in. Lastly, finish with a cream or butter based product to moisturize and seal in the liquid and the oil.

Dark & Lovely Au Naturale

-Weekly, you should co-wash and deep condition to gently cleanse, rehydrate, soften, strengthen and retain elasticity.(Co-washing is short for “conditioner washing,” or cleansing your hair with your favorite conditioner instead of shampoo).  If co-washing is a regular part of your hair regimen, stay away from silicones. Many of these ingredients are easy to identify on product labels: look for ingredients ending in -cone. Many silicones are synthetic additives that are not water-soluble, making them a little bit harder to wash out without harsh detergents. The end result is yucky build-up on your hair and scalp.

After L.O.C. Method

– I know we all love hot water but make sure to rinse hair with cold water to close the cuticle and ALWAYS use a leave-in. If your hair is naturally dry or becomes dry frequently then you definitely need a leave in that will thoroughly moisturize your hair and have the ability to keep it moisturized for at least several days.

Cantu Leave-In Conditioner with Argan Oil

-Monthly, try special treatments with protein, henna or extra moisture to make hair stronger, more flexible, and stop or prevent breakage. Protein Treatments help to rebuild hair structure and strength. Your hair is about 88% protein. These proteins are of a hard fibrous type known as keratin. When hair is chemically straightened, these bonds are broken, causing the hair to lose strength. If this protein is not replaced, it will eventually cause the hair to break. Egg treatments are effective protein treatment for hair and usually stops breakage immediately.

After I finish washing my hair, I like to put it into bantu knots so that each section can equally get the same amount of product on it for maximum hydration.

Bantu Knots

Some products I personally love to use are:

  • Shea Moisture (Jamaican Castor Oil Line & Superfruit Complex)
  • Cantu (Natural Hair Line)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Not Your Mother’s (Way To Grow Conditioner)

If you want to take a more natural and cheaper approach by using foods from your kitchen, here are a list of a few and what value they can add to your hair health:

  • Avocado: For moisture & growth
  • Egg: Protein for strength, volume, texture, and shine.
  • Banana: The remedy for thinning, dry or frizzy hair.
  • Honey: Goes on thick for damage control.
  • Mayonnaise: Intense conditioner.
  • Oils: Olive, Jojoba, Coconut, Almond, and Castor oils strengthen and moisturize, while eliminating dandruff.
Protective Style

Always remember to use minimal heat or avoid it all together if you can. Eat healthy. Take hair vitamins. Drink tons of water. Do protective styles. And Lastly, be patient.!


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  1. I’m the first one to admit u don’t look aftery hair as I should do! I really like this though you’ve made it simple and easy for me. I especially like the natural ways of doing it too – I love trying out new things so will def be giving your ideas a go!

  2. Great tips! Cantu Leave-in was my goto when I was relaxed and natural before locs. I’m guilty of not rinsing with cold water. I wash my hair while in the shower so it’s a struggle! I love my warmth.

  3. I really should take more time and steps to keep my hair healthy. I use a few products on it but never really take the time to do anything nice to it. Maybe I should set that as a new goal to achieve.

  4. Great tips! I tend to do a very very light shampoo, just around the hair line, and then “co-wash” the rest. I might try some of the deep conditioner you recommend. I had bought a new hair dryer a while back and it fried my hair. I only used it about 2 weeks before I realized it was making my hair frizz really badly.

  5. I love all the natural food items that we can use for hair products. I knew about some of them, like mayonnaise, but the avocado and banana are new to me. Very cool!

  6. I consider myself lucky. My hair is very low maintenance. I mostly just wash it and go. I do try to use leave-in-treatment whenever I remember and try a deep penetration masks once in a while. Using quality products definitely helps!

  7. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. I always rinse my hair with cold water after I wash even though it’s torture! I love Cantu’s products, but, surprisingly, I’ve never tried the L.O.C. method! I definitely need to.


  8. These are awesome tips! The rinsing with cold water as opposed to hot water…that is the hardest for me! I know that hot showers aren’t that great for your hair or skin, but I can’t seem to stop trying to scald myself every time I get in there…maybe because it is so dang cold around here right now 🙂

  9. My mom was a hair dresser when I was growing up. We always used something called a “cholesterol” treatment in our hair. It worked great! Now, I love coconut oil.

  10. Separating into sections is such a good idea! My go to hair treatment is definitely coconut oil. Cheap and natural! I also only use scrunchies as hair ties which prevents breakage! Woo!

  11. I needed these tips especially from someone who has curly thick hair! I have been battling with mine lately and didn’t know what else to try to help get the dryness down. Trying this tonight, thank you!

  12. I love that the LOC method works for you! I have 4c hair so at times it doesn’t work as I’d like it. I prefer to use the LCO method using s-curl as my liquid, Shea Butter and then Argan oil or Avocado oil. It gives my hair more of a shine and that’s what I’m looking for when I style my hair. I tend to switch it up like Oh So Limitless does on YouTube. Loved your post by the way you are so right. Co-washing is a must! So many people are falling away from that but I can’t understand why LOL

  13. I get keratin treatments now to get rid of my natural curls,so I have to be careful about what products I use to clean my hair. It;s wicked healthy, though 🙂

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