Eyes Lips Face, better known as E.L.F. cosmetics. I’m sure most of you have seen this brand around in grocery stores like Kroger, or other big retailers. Target, K-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart are a few others. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE e.l.f.! Their cosmetics are very affordable with prices ranging from $1. Yes, I said $1 to about $90 (depending on if you are getting a collection set).

E.L.F. launched in 2004 and is guided by celebrity and beauty professional Scott-Vincent Borba. E.L.F. is a revolutionary new beauty company, able to provide a line of cosmetics that moisturize, hydrate, and enliven your complexion without taxing your budget.

A product that I cannot live without is E.L.F.s’ Lip Exfoliator! It gently exfoliates my lips to remove dry, chapped skin. It treats and soothes my lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel. They feel oh so soft and kissable. Lol and the best part is, this lip exfoliator only cost $3.00!


My Stash

I also own their foundation, lip stain, studio matte lip color, smudge pot, essential lipsticks, lip liners, duo mascara, all over color stick, brightening eye color, contour set, eye liners, and jumbo lip gloss stick. That’s a lot right? Well, guess what…most of this came from their sale section online so all of this combined cost no more than$15. The least amount items are priced at are just $0.39 and you get free shipping when you make your first purchase. (prices may vary) Right now, for customer appreciation, E.L.F. is putting free gifts like a tube of lipstick, eye shadow, or nail polish in each order, who doesn’t love freebies?! If you prefer to shop in store, the prices are as low as $1 and you have the satisfaction of using them right way. Either way I encourage you to check them out, here’s the website www.elfcosmetics.com or you can follow them on instagram @elfcosmetics. Oh and E.L.F. doesn’t test on animals!





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  1. While I haven’t bought many E.L.F products lately, I just bought replacement eyebrow wands, and the felt tip fell off of it the same day I purchased it and used it. I was so disappointed. I hope the others in that package aren’t like that, but I’m willing to try more E.L.F stuff hoping it was just a fluke.

  2. OMG I never knew what E.L.F. Stood for even though I have used the products. Don’t know how I overlooked that lol nice to know. I love that they do not test on animals and they have affordable products! I find a lot of their stuff at the dollar tree too!

  3. I love that brand, it’s really affordable. Good to know they’re making their products right without testing them on any animals. Awesome loot you got there!

  4. EVERYONE loves ELF! For the price you certainly can’t beat it. I love trying out new products through them, and because it’s so affordable I don’t mind even if I didn’t like something. Have you tried colourpop cosmetics?! They’re similar and I reviewed them on my blog a while back!

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