Love wholesale products? I know you love the prices. Don’t feel like driving to the store? Well, BOXED is just for you! Boxed is a wholesale website that lets you order products you need straight to your home. Big sized products for tiny prices!  They have weekly deals and fast and free shipping on your first order.

“Forget long lines, hassles and backaches shopping at the grocery store, drugstore or wholesale club. With Boxed, order groceries, household, and personal care essentials at low prices, and we’ll deliver them straight to your door.” -Boxed


A few great things about Boxed is that there is NO MEMBERSHIP FEES! None at all. They also have an app so you can browse and order straight from your smartphone or tablet. This saves you time, gas and money which we all could use so why not give it a try? Boxed also offers a rewards program where for every $1 you spend on merchandise at Boxed, you receive 1 Boxed Rewards point and during promotions you gain even MORE points.

Here’s the website if you want to check it out Enter VG8FA for a discount of $10.00 on your checkout! Instagram/Twitter: @boxedwholesale



  1. Yes! I love wholesale deals almost as much as I love shopping online! I haven’t heard of boxed but I’ll have to go take a peek! 🙂

  2. Never heard of this service before! Can imagine they wouldn’t have it hear in the UK – would love to see if they do though!

  3. I absolutely love Boxed!! Getting wholesale prices, free shipping, and not having to lug around bulk sized boxes with a toddler in tow is amazing!! Plus they are always offering coupons and freebies. What’s not to love!!

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