A little story about my diary…

Welcome to my Little Pink Diary! Over the past few years I have come across some pretty exciting hacks, money-savers, and tips that I wondered if everyone knew about. And then I thought to my self… of course not, because there are new tips and tricks coming about everyday! Many of these life-saving hacks are spread out all over the interent and so I wanted to compile my favorites all into one, which is how Little Pink Diary came about. In my posts to come you will find things like beauty tips, learn how to make yummy recipes, great sales/deals, how to’s, diy’s, giveaways, reviews on makeup, food, and much more. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter (links on right side of page and bottom of page). Also, be sure to check the site daily for the latest and greatest. I hope you enjoy! Xoxo.

little pink diary



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